Alicia Tomasi, Interior Designer


Organization (is part art, part science). It isn't just about having extra space for all your things, itís about having smart storage that work for the way you live. The following services are offered for both residential and commercial properties:
  • business concepts & solutions
  • closet design and organization
  • clutter strategies & solutions
  • complete home organization
  • daily mail / bill solutions
  • filing systems / paper management
  • project management
  • relocation assistance
  • space design & planning
  • time management solutions
  • utilization of any space to it's full potential

Organizational systems are personal and individual. No two people have the same organizing needs or style. We can create system that works just for you.

Clutter Statistic:
Where wear 20% of our clothing, 80% of the time.
85% of what we file we never look at again!

Having clutter around you -

  • can make you feel tired
  • will confuse you
  • can increase your body weight
  • can make you feel embarrassed
  • can cause disharmony in your life
  • can depress you
  • can dull your enjoyment of life
  • will cost you money

You deserve the best that life has to offer - don't let clutter get in the way.


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